How do I upload all of my property information?

That's the best part...We do it for you!  Once you contact us we'll send you a list of information we need and once submitted to us, we do the heavily lifting. 


How do I receive my rent payments?

Why "risk" having your banking information out there for the next hacker to steal it.  To keep things simple and secure for all parties, the tenant submits payment to Support 311 and we immediately cut you a check which will be delivered with 72 hours.  


Who handles the surcharge with paying with a credit card?

If tenant pays with a credit card, they assume the credit card surcharge convenience fee. 


How much will it cost to use the rent payment features?

You will only be charged a fee if and only if your tenant pays their rent using the app.  You can offer the service to show your tenants you are providing them options in how they pay their rent, we ONLY charge $5.50 per transaction if that service is used.


Can I only use this app as a service request platform?

Absolutely!  This can be your own Service Request app, Rent Payment App, or both.  


How am I notified if there is a service request?

If a service request is made you have the option of getting an email, a text, or both.  You can then easily save these request in an ordering fashion for your records. 


Can my tenant submit pictures with their service request?

They sure can!  On the submission page we allow the tenant to submit pictures to verify what the issue is prior to making the trip to fix.



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